Programming surveys has never been easier!

Quantitative Services .

Connect with people at retail stores, restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, college campuses and more to turn your survey collection into usable and actionable data.


Our programming systems have everything needed to execute mobile and online surveys. We conduct field surveys & audits anywhere, providing your clients targeted, customer feedback.

Data Collection

Complete the fielding phase and access reportals for all mobile / online data collected.

Multimedia & Video

Multimedia & Video

Capture pictures and videos as well as image and video stimuli.



We create your unique banners / tables.



We have text analytical software in -house to build code frames and code your open ends.



We provide the devices you need including Apple and Android tablets.

Sensor 2.0 Qualitative.

What Is Sensor?

Sensor is a new qualitative platform where research is done in a virtual environment via custom created Avatars.

SensorBenefits Of Sensor:

– Safe Space
– Validated for more emotional content
– Save time and money
– Convenient
– Reach hard to find audiences

Appeal To A Younger Demographic:

With its game like features, respondents select from a range of facial characteristics, hair styles, body shapes, clothing, and more to express themselves, creating a deeper level of commitment and engagement.

About Us

Headquartered in New York, Responsys began in 2013.  Responsys allows you to conduct online and offline programming, data collection, tabulation, translation and coding with ease! Through our Tablets and SmartPhones, we capture more than just traditional closed and open-ended questions and can take photos, record videos and even record GPS location.


  • Responsys is my trusted partner for mobile survey app programming. The ability to conduct surveys offline without worrying about Internet connection issues and loading times is crucial to maximizing results in the field.

    VP Field Project Manager
  • Responsys has outstanding customer service. Their team is top notch!

    President and Director of Research
  • The Responsys team provides experience, efficiency, and high quality results for my programming needs.

    Senior Field Project Manager
  • I really think you have shown our team how you are such a strong partner.

    Offline Project Manager

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